Film Promotion

The way in which a film is promoted can have a huge effect on whether or not it is successful. Films are expensive to make and if the public do not buy tickets at the box office to see the film, a lot of money will be lost. Our Film marketing division offers you state of art facilities to market your film.
When a new film is made, it has to be advertised like any other new product, to let people know it exists and to encourage them to go to the theaters to see it. Our teams of expert help you plan out innovative film promotion campaign. This including taking movie launches to masses via Sports Tournaments, road shows, tailored events, Nightclub promotions etc.
We can provide following services:
  • Film Promotion
  • TV Serial Promotion
  • Press Conference
  • Celebrity Visit
  • Email and Mobile Marketing
  • Promotional Events and Interviews

So, if you have any project ready for which you are looking for a marketing consultant. Write us today and we will send you our proposal.